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              a howling good time!, January 12, 2005
Reviewer:        Deborah MacGillivray (Britain & US)
Top 50 Reviewer
This book is a howl. Well, you knew I could not resist that pun. But it's quite true. This is a great book to give
your special gal-pal, because she will simply delight in the witty book. Woof-Man takes the old premise that
man still have a wee bit of the primitive in him, that all those movies with Lon Chaney were on the right
track. Man is a dog. But the writer understands making such rigid generalities is wrong. There are all kinds
of men, just as there are all kinds of canines. So she sets out to prove this premise by examining all dog
breed. She looks at their nature, their habits and how to, hopefully, train them. The final comment on each
breed is the life expectancy of the relationship...hum...ownership?  It's written with a breezy style and makes
it one fun read. So if you are looking for a wee giggle, you're barking up the right tree with the enchanting
dog hunt!

               Who let the dogs out , January 19, 2005
Reviewer:        Rose DesRochers "Author of she is like the wind" (Canada)

Woof-Man : A Woman's Guide to Her Man's Inner Canine has 'winner' written all over it. This book will have
you laughing so hard you'll cry. No book could have possibly given me more enjoyment. It kept me
chuckling and unable to put the book down..."A Woman's Guide to Her Man's Inner Canine" had me
searching through the book to see if I could compare my husband to any of the traits. She even has
outlined how to train each character and the life span. This book would make a perfect wedding gift /
shower gift or birthday gift. It is a must read. I think even men will enjoy the humour of this book. A book that
"will have you holding your sides with laughter." A sure fire hit."

               April 13, 2005
Reviewer:      Jennifer Brown, Editor, Applecart Magazine

Okay, Ladies.  How many of you have stolen a glance at your man, scratching himself on the couch and
thought, Now there’s a Bulldog if I’ve ever seen one?  How does your man’s bite stand up to his bark?  
Does your fella hand you his leash with a puppy-eyed grin or does he sprint for the hills every time the front
door is opened a crack?  Just what breed is he anyway?

Kim Gordon can give you the answers you’ve been looking for.  Author of WOOF-MAN: A Woman’s Guide to
Her Man’s Inner Canine, Gordon offers a wide selection of man/dog breeds and their dominant
characteristics.  This compilation makes for a humorous look into the truth behind the saying, “all men are

Gordon, a Peoria, Illinois author and freelance editor, received her BA degree in Psychology from Southern
Illinois University.  WOOF-MAN is her second book, her first being an award-winning fantasy novel.

Gordon takes the reader on a lively journey through the history of the dog, claiming, “…it was fully
documented throughout the pages of history that the very first animal ever to be domesticated was not the
cute and cuddly bunny rabbit, or the charming yet bashful deer, or the utilitarian and hardworking cow.  
…No, the first animal to be tamed was the wild and unpredictable wolf.” (p. 12)

Then Gordon dives into a thorough and extensive listing of the characteristics of twenty-three breeds, and,
of course, the Mutt.  Written like any dog-selection manual, each breed in WOOF-MAN is divided into four
sections:  “How to Recognize…,” “Is His Bark Worse Than His Bite?,” “Effective Training Methods,” and
“Expected Life Span.”

Within those sections, a reader can expect to find comparisons drawn between man and dog on the more
obvious and dominant traits within each breed.  The Doberman, for example, “…comes sniffing around,
…definitely looking for something.  …the casual mention of how broke he is (he wants money), how
misunderstood he is (he wants sex), or how no one makes minestrone soup or ham hocks and beans like
his mother (he wants you to take care of him)” (p. 76)

Sprinkled throughout the book are Jillian Slater’s clever illustrations of each man/dog discussed.  A reader
will happen upon pictures of a Chihuahua in suspenders and bow tie, for example, or a police uniform-clad
German Shepherd.  

WOOF-MAN is heavy on groaner dog-puns and occasionally loses sight of whether it is a book for female
humans or female dogs.  Written as a dog-selection manual hints that it’s the human variety that’s
expected to be reading the book; however, it is definitely slanted toward what type of female dog will work
best with each breed and how she can temper his more annoying traits.  In fact, each breed has suggested
breeds to which he is best matched.  The book would have been best served if kept specifically geared
toward human women selecting their best man/dog breed, and drop all allusions to female dog breeds.  
After all, the saying isn’t “all women are dogs, too.”

WOOF-MAN is a great light read, good for a few laughs with virtually irresistible page-turner quality as a
reader searches for which breed she’s got sleeping in the dog house.  Every woman has known a
relentless Dachshund or pined after a perfectly good Mutt that got away.  Made for bridal shower gifting or
passing around the office on a slow workday, WOOF-MAN is a pleasure to read.


              A reviewer (Mariposa_Jones@hotmail.com), an author, January 21, 2005,
Something to howl about
I greatly enjoyed this novel. I had a smile on my face the whole time. With each chapter, the laughs kept
coming. For all those women who are trying to figure out your pedigree, this is the perfect book.
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