Each chapter of WOOF-MAN is divided
into four sections:

How to Recognize the Breed" (A
description of the breed as well as the
female of his choice.)

Is His Bark Worse Than His Bite?" (Is
he likely to inflict damage to the
unsuspecting heart?)

Effective Training Methods" (How to
make him come to you, stay with you,
heel, behave, and more!)

Expected Life Span" (How long can
you expect the relationship to last?)

There are even some strays who
ended up in "The Dog Pound."  
is packed
with laughs as well as insightful
wisdom, with plenty of pooches you're
sure to recognize!  Get your copy
The Dog Pound 2:
And in the next cage...
Or Maybe He's One of These:
Canines continued:
Mutts make fantastic friends!
GERMAN SHEPHERD - Disciplined and orderly, with a
strong urge to keep the peace and maintain the status
quo, this bossy and domineering dog naturally
gravitates toward positions of authority.  He can be a
master of intimidation, and his jealousy might even
make him go so far as to hire a Private Seeing Eye Dog
to follow you around.
GOLDEN RETRIEVER - Intelligent, charming, thoughtful
and kind, he has an in-born sense of honesty and
integrity that can only be referred to as "class."  He's a
true "gentledog."
GREAT DANE - Fearless and bold, the Great Dane is a
dog who lives for a challenge.  The ultimate daredevil,
his goal in life is to become a Red-Blooded American
HUSKY - A physical dog who loves the tangible things
he can actually put his paws to, the Husky is a great
provider and defender of those who are smaller than
he is.
IRISH SETTER - A playful, adventurous dog who adores
spontaneity.  He has trouble with the "non-fun"
aspects of Life, such as paying the rent on time.  
Reliability is not his strong suit; if he begins to feel
you're the burr in his fur, he'll shake you off faster than
you can say, "Go fetch!"
LABRADOR RETRIEVER - A reliable, kind and gentle
dog.  A practical planner who often becomes a
workaholic.  But, as hard as he works, his altruistic
nature causes him to still find time to volunteer his
services to the blind.
POINTER - An ambitious pacesetter, he is destined for
greatness at an early age.  The Pointer takes
advantage of every opportunity so that in the end, he'll
be the one holding all of the doggie biscuits.  When he
reaches one goal, he's off and running to the next.
POMERANIAN - An animated, lively and busy little dog.  
He's the driving force behind every civic organization.  
He knows he's irreplaceable; his kennel is the focal
point of the neighborhood.  Just don't expect him to
slow down; he has a paw in every pot.
POODLE - The "perfectly correct," snobbish, "yuppie"
dog who follows the latest fashions in everything,
including his personal thoughts and beliefs.  He thinks
he's an original trendsetter, but he's actually just a
well-experienced conformist.  He's simply on the
cutting edge of conformity.
ROTTWEILER - Narrow-minded, mean and vicious, this
dangerous dog believes that violence is the answer
for everything.  He must have control at all costs, and
the more he feels that control is slipping through his
paws, the more likely he is to raise them against those
around him.
SHEEPDOG - This is the family dog whose entire world
revolves around his mate and litter.  Gentle, loyal and
trustworthy, the Sheepdog's calm exterior can
sometimes be interpreted as boring; but one female's
boredom is another's bounty.
MUTT - He is a grab-bag of different traits thrown into
one unique and original dog.  The last word in stability,
the Mutt is there when you need him.  With his
kennel-bred warmth and easy laughter, he makes a
terrific "best friend"...which is usually all he gets to be!

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