AFGHAN - Handsome, elegant, cultured and
sophisticated, this dog turns heads wherever he goes.  
Proud and egotistical, he always remains faithful to his
one true love...himself.
BASSET HOUND - A stable, reliable and practical dog, he
is often passed over for more "exciting" breeds.  A
perfectionist and a true survivor; when the last song
has been sung, he's the one who carries home the
BEAGLE - This is a sweet and gentle dog who makes
himself perfectly at home in your heart.  A sentimental
softie, he devotes himself completely to the object of
his affection.  And when you stagger out of the barren
wasteland of other dogs' indifference, the Beagle is a
cool, refreshing, and welcome oasis.
BICHON FRISE - Creative, passionate and sensitive, this
highly intelligent dog sometimes has difficulty finding a
comfortable place in society.  Although outspoken and
temperamental, his flair for drama and color enhance
the world around him.
BLOODHOUND - A meddlesome and pushy canine with a
taste for gossip and a nose for details.  This dog
relentlessly pursues the facts, and he simply won't rest
until he knows all of your deepest, darkest secrets.  
He's a walking newspaper; so if you really want the dirt,
just grab your pooper-scooper and tag along.
BULLDOG - Mr. Macho Dog, he's the bench-pressing,
sports-loving, competitive male.  He believes all of the
old gender stereotypes and even invents some of his
own; but the more you complain, the more he tells you
how cute you look when you're angry.
CHIHUAHUA - A persistent, hyperactive, nervous bundle
of energy, the Chihuahua is a loner who often lacks
social skills and polish.  He was usually the unpopular
puppy in school, who was teased about his skinny
forelimbs or his "nerdy" scholarly pursuits.
COCKER SPANIEL - Happy-go-lucky and playful, with a
delightful sense of humor, this Peter Pan puppy is
fiercely independent and avoids any hint of adult
responsibility.  "Commit" is not a command he
responds to, so you'll want to leave the choke-chain at
CORGI - Spoiled and accustomed to being waited on
"paw and dewclaw," this "mama's dog" spends his
entire life tied to her apron-strings.  Don't make the
mistake of asking him to choose between the two of
you.  You'll throw him into a fit of distemper that's
difficult to shake.  Mama will always be his first and only
DACHSHUND - Loud and sometimes crude to the point
of being obnoxious, he is a jokester who believes Life
is one eternal show and the cameras are always rolling.
He prefers the sound of his own voice to the sound of
silence, which makes him the kind of dog beer bottles
are hurled at in the hopes of shutting him up.
DINGO - The wild dog who remains closest to his roots.  
Attractive and bohemian, the Dingo seems to cry out for
someone to slip a leash on that collar and teach him to
heel.  He's not usually a part of the day-to-day dog race
of Life, and even refuses to line up at the starting gate.
DOBERMAN PINSCHER - Sophisticated, sneaky and
manipulative; this is the dog your mother warned you
about.  The ultimate con artist, he skillfully mixes a dash
of truth with his lies; all to keep stringing you along.

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Each chapter of WOOF-MAN is divided
into four sections:

How to Recognize the Breed" (A
description of the breed as well as the
female of his choice.)

Is His Bark Worse Than His Bite?" (Is
he likely to inflict damage to the
unsuspecting heart?)

Effective Training Methods" (How to
make him come to you, stay with you,
heel, behave, and more!)

Expected Life Span" (How long can
you expect the relationship to last?)

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