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Meet the Author
Kim has a literary background in non-fiction as well as fiction.  
She has worked as a freelance editor for "Glencoe/McGraw Hill
Publishers."  She has written several non-fiction articles for
organizational newsletters, including such organizations as
New Horizons and Wordsmiths. She has also written the
monthly newsletters for "Eye on the Prize, Inc." for nearly three
years.  Her fiction credentials include the publication of poems
and short stories in
Reflections, The Colors of Our Dreams,
Pearls of the Past, The Best Poems & Poets of 2002, and
AlienSkin Magazine.  Her fantasy novel, Elfame, won 2nd Place
in the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers' Colorado Gold Writing
Contest and Honorable Mention in the Florida State Writing
Kim usually writes science fiction, fantasy, and the occasional
horror story.  However, she admits to a life-long fascination with
the complexities of human thinking.  Also, as a woman she
often found herself asking that eternal question, "Why do men
do what they do?"  
Woof-Man: A Woman's Guide to her Man's
Inner Canine
, Kim's first published book, is her venture into that
uncharted territory...the ultimate sci-fi trek!

Kim is currently writing the cover stories and other articles for
the nationally-acclaimed newspaper,
The Capital City Courier.  
The newspaper, which is growing in popularity, was recently
featured in
Editor and Publisher...the country's oldest magazine
for the newspaper industry...and has received international
attention.  To read some of her articles or to get a subscription
to the newspaper, visit  


The Sick Puppy Who Put Her Paws to This:
Love those words!
And now.
Kim Gordon is a native of Peoria, IL.  A student of human
nature, and a person who has been laughing all of her life, she
received her BA in Psychology from Southern Illinois University
at Carbondale, IL.  In addition to laughing, she has also been
writing most of her life, starting with poems and short stories as
a child, and becoming more and more long-winded (you just
can't shut her up!).
Kim E. Gordon