What has kept me a loyal DHC
High-quality products with natural
ingredients that are good for my
skin. People find it hard to believe
I’m going to be 50 next year. DHC
products have truly taken my skin
to a whole new level!
Kim's favorite DHC

Pacific Rim
Salt Scrub
19.4 oz. Net wt.
Extra Nighttime Moisture
1.5 oz. Net wt.
Olive Essentials Set
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Social services caseworker by day (that’s what keeps body and soul
together), writer by night (that’s what feeds my soul). I’ve been a
caseworker for 21 years and a writer all of my life. I’ve had several poems,
articles, and short stories published. My fantasy novel,
Elfame, took
second place in the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers’ Colorado Gold
Contest. My first book to be published is
Woof-Man: A Woman’s Guide to
Her Man’s Inner Canine
. It will be coming out in a few weeks.

Top three goals right now
1. To get my two daughters through college.
2. To get more of my stories published.
3. To bring my “twin soul” into my life. Because of unusual recent
experiences, that’s the subject of the book I’m currently working on: past
lives, twin souls, and love that lasts forever.

Biggest skincare concern
Moisturizing my dry skin and stopping the breakouts of little, fine bumps.
(DHC products have done all of this … and more!)

Biggest inspiration
My lovely daughters, who have turned into intelligent, independent, and
interesting young women. Being with them is a true delight!

Favorite DHC products
Even with so many wonderful products to choose from, it’s very easy to
play favorites. The Olive Essentials Set is an absolute must for healthy
skin. It has eliminated the tiny bumps and given me what others have
called a “dewy” complexion. Facial Scrub and Pacific Rim Salt Scrub leave
my skin incredibly soft and smooth. The fragrance in the Salt Scrub is
divine! Extra Nighttime Moisture is so luxuriant and rich that I can almost
feel the moisture going into my skin. The White Cream and White Lotion
have done wonders for brightening discolorations and evening out my
skin tone. Lastly, Hydrating Ceramide Body Cream does for the body what
the Extra Nighttime Moisture does for the face. It makes my skin even
softer than ever. Those are my “must-haves”!